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Lu, Y., Mihailova, B., Malcherek, T., Paulmann, C., Smrzka, D., Zwicker, J., Lin, Z., Bohrmann, G., & Peckmann, J. (2024). Role of bottom water chemistry in the formation of fibrous magnesium calcite at methane seeps in the Black Sea. Sedimentology, 71(4), 1193-1213.

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McConnell, J. R., Chellman, N. J., Wensman, S. M., Plach, A., Stanish, C., Santibáñez, P. A., Brugger, S. O., Eckhardt, S., Freitag, J., Kipfstuhl, S., & Stohl, A. (2024). Hemispheric-scale heavy metal pollution from South American and Australian mining and metallurgy during the Common Era. Science of the Total Environment, 912, [169431].

Kugler, L., & Weissmann, M. (2024). The synergy of assimilating visible and infrared radiances and radar observations. Manuskript zur Veröffentlichung eingereicht.

Brugger, S. O., McWethy, D. B., Chellman, N. J., Prebble, M., Courtney Mustaphi, C. J., Eckhardt, S., Plach, A., Stohl, A., Wilmshurst, J. M., McConnell, J. R., & Whitlock, C. (2024). Holocene black carbon in New Zealand lake sediment records. Quaternary Science Reviews, 325, [108491].

Borne, M., Knippertz, P., Weissmann, M., Witschas, B., Flamant, C., Rios-Berrios, R., & Veals, P. (2024). Validation of Aeolus L2B products over the tropical Atlantic using radiosondes. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 17(2), 561-581.

Zeige Ergebnisse 1 - 20 von 764