Publications at the Department for Meteorology and Geophysics

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Pivetta, T., Braitenberg, C., Gabrovsek, F., Gabriel, G., & Meurers, B. (2021). Gravity as a tool to improve the hydrologic mass budget in karstic areas. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25(11), 6001–6021.

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Kostinek, J., Roiger, A., Eckl, M., Fiehn, A., Luther, A., Wildmann, N., Klausner, T., Fix, A., Knote, C., Stohl, A., & Butz, A. (2021). Estimating Upper Silesian coal mine methane emissions from airborne in situ observations and dispersion modeling. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(11), 8791–8807.

Showing entries 121 - 140 out of 673