Publications at the Department for Meteorology and Geophysics

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Platt, S. M., Hov, O., Berg, T., Breivik, K., Eckhardt, S., Eleftheriadis, K., Evangeliou, N., Fiebig, M., Fisher, R., Hansen, G., Hansson, H-C., Heintzenberg, J., Hermansen, O., Heslin-Rees, D., Holmen, K., Hudson, S., Kallenborn, R., Krejci, R., Krognes, T., ... Torseth, K. (2022). Atmospheric composition in the European Arctic and 30 years of the Zeppelin Observatory, Ny-Ålesund. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22(5), 3321–3369.

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Pepin, N. C., Arnone, E., Gobiet, A., Haslinger, K., Kotlarski, S., Notarnicola, C., Palazzi, E., Seibert, P., Serafin, S., Schöner, W., Terzago, S., Thornton, J. M., Vuille, M., & Adler, C. (2022). Climate changes and their elevational patterns in the mountains of the world. Reviews of Geophysics, 60(1), [e2020RG000730].

Shupe *, M. D., Rex, M., Blomquist, B., Persson, P. O. G., Schmale, J., Uttal, T., Althausen, D., Angot, H., Archer, S., Bariteau, L., Beck, I., Bilberry, J., Bucci, S., Buck, C., Boyer, M., Brasseur, Z., Brooks, I. M., Calmer, R., Cassano, J., ... Yue, F. (2022). Overview of the MOSAiC expedition—Atmosphere. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 10, [1].

McConnell, J. R., Chellman, N. J., & Stohl, A. (2022). Black carbon attribution. Nature, 612(7941), E18-E19.

Showing entries 101 - 120 out of 672