Publications at the Department for Meteorology and Geophysics

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McConnell, J. R., Chellman, N. J., Wensman, S. M., Plach, A., Stanish, C., Santibáñez, P. A., Brugger, S. O., Eckhardt, S., Freitag, J., Kipfstuhl, S., & Stohl, A. (2024). Hemispheric-scale heavy metal pollution from South American and Australian mining and metallurgy during the Common Era. Science of the Total Environment, 912, [169431].

Brugger, S. O., McWethy, D. B., Chellman, N. J., Prebble, M., Courtney Mustaphi, C. J., Eckhardt, S., Plach, A., Stohl, A., Wilmshurst, J. M., McConnell, J. R., & Whitlock, C. (2024). Holocene black carbon in New Zealand lake sediment records. Quaternary Science Reviews, 325, [108491].

Borne, M., Knippertz, P., Weissmann, M., Witschas, B., Flamant, C., Rios-Berrios, R., & Veals, P. (2024). Validation of Aeolus L2B products over the tropical Atlantic using radiosondes. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 17(2), 561-581.

Schlömer, A., Hetény, G., Plomerova, J., Vecsey, L., Bielik, M., Bokelmann, G., Csicsay, K., Czuba, W., Fojtikova, L., Friederich, W., Fuchs, F., Grad, M., Janik, T., Kampfova Exnerova, H., Kolinsky, P., Malinowski, S., Meier, T., Mendecki, M., Papco, J., ... AlpArray-PACASE Working Group (2024). The Pannonian-Carpathian-Alpine seismic experiment (PACASE): network description and implementation. Acta geodaetica et geophysica : a quarterly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Dinh, T., Gasparini, B., & Bellon, G. (2023). Clouds and Their Climatic Impacts: Radiation, Circulation, and Precipitation. In S. C. Sullivan, & C. Hoose (Eds.), Clouds and Their Climatic Impacts: Radiation, Circulation, and Precipitation (pp. 239-253). Wiley. Geophysical Monograph

Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 673