Two awards granted to young scientists of the department


Dr. Irene Bianchi receives the PostDoc Award of our faculty for 2014.

The "Award of Excellence" of the Austrian Ministry for Science, Research and Economy was granted to Dr. Michael Mayer for his dissertation.

The PostDoc Award der Fakultät is granted to PhD level young scientists.  She receives €15000 as support for her innovative research, which includes the exploration of the eastern Alpine area by means of passive seismic records, anticipated by techniques calibration and followed by the application on recorded data, with the aim of delivering an integrated model of the subsurface structural setting, in order to shed light on tectonics and geodynamic history of the territory we live on.

The "Award of Excellence" wird vom Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft is granted to the best 30 dissertations from Austrian universities in 2014. Dr. Michael Mayer gets this award endowed with €2500 for his dissertation on the "Low Frequency Variability in Global Energy Budgets". It consists of three articles publised in the Journal of Climate. Particularly the most recent one On the energy exchange between tropical ocean basins related to ENSO was decisive.


Dr. Irene Bianchi (© IMGW)

Dr. Michael Mayer (© IMGW)