Congratulation to Dr. Ehsan Qorbani


On Tuesday the 5th of July 2016, the University of Vienna celebrated its new PhD and Master recipients, in the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics – and Earth Sciences, Astronomy and Geography.

The ceremony took place in the Großer Festsaal (Main Ceremonial Hall), a state room that provides an impressive and festive backdrop to the proceedings. The graduation ceremony has been held at the presence of Vice Rector Heinz Faßmann. In honor of the festive occasion, the academic officials entered the chamber in full regalia, accompanied by a scepter bearer and to a musical brass accompaniment.

From our department, Dr. Ehsan Qorbani, recently graduated PhD, has attended the ceremony and he has been granted the well-deserved certification of his graduation. He completed a thesis about the application of seismic anisotropy techniques in the Eastern Alps.

As ritual, Dr. Qorbani, along with the other candidates, had to pronounce the typical “Spondeo” or “Ich gelobe” formula, prior handing over to the certificate.

The entire Geophysics working group attended the event, cheering up and toasting for Dr. Qorbani, who granted very kindly two bottles of fresh and genuine Prosecco.

We wish Dr. Qorbani and all the graduates, best of luck for their lives and future careers.